4 things I do to fall asleep faster!

For the longest time, I had trouble falling asleep until I got some good tips from friends and family, now things have changed for the better!


1. Take a warm bath/shower. I am not sure why this helps me, but I really think it’s because after I get out of the shower, I want to crawl under some cozy blankets.

2. Sound Machine. Awhile back, a friend gave me a sound machine as a gift, now I can’t life without it. I turn it on the “white noise” setting and it is very relaxing. It also helps cover up barking dogs in the neighborhood.

3. No lightsThis is kind of a no-brainer, most people sleep at night for a reason, because it’s dark 🙂

4. Develop a Routine. Get up at the same time everyday and go to bed at the same everyday. Routines help a lot…just look up info about circadian rhythm!


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